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These pictures are illustrations for a book with the above title, published in 1919 by J.M. Dent & Sons Ltd. London. The book is an English translation by Thomas Okey, of "I Fioretti di San Francesco", which was an Italian translation by Antonio Cesari in 1822 of collected tales of St Francis of Assisi. The original stories were Latin texts produced 4 centuries earlier, about 150 years after the death of St Francis in 1226.
Burnand set up a studio in Assisi to work on this project, taking advantage of the setting and the Umbrian light, and using local people for models to create his trademark realism.

These images are from the prints in the book. The publishers sold many of these prints separately from the book and they can be found all over the world.

Saint Francis

Conversion of Friar Bernard of Quintavalle

St Francis sets forth to Friar Leo where perfect joy is to be found

Friar Masseo

St Francis makes Friar Masseo turn round many time to find the way he should go

Friar Masseo is appointed doorkeeper

The repast of St Francis and Friar Masseo at the fountain. St Francis praises poverty.

St Francis and the friars discourse of God

St Clare

St Francis preaches to the birds

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