The Little Flowers of Saint Francis. Page 3 of 3. Pictures 21-30.

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These pictures are illustrations for a book with the above title, published in 1919 by J.M. Dent & Sons Ltd. London. The book is an English translation by Thomas Okey, of "I Fioretti di San Francesco", which was an Italian translation by Antonio Cesari in 1822 of collected tales of St Francis of Assisi. The original stories were Latin texts produced 4 centuries earlier, about 150 years after the death of St Francis in 1226.
Burnand set up a studio in Assisi to work on this project, taking advantage of the setting and the Umbrian light, and using local people for models to create his trademark realism.

St Francis blesses the city of Assisi

St Francis sick in the Bishop's palace at Assisi

St Francis on his death bed

Friar Juniper cuts off the foot of a pig to give it to a sick man

Friar Juniper

Friar Giles working in the vineyard

Friar Giles and his companion faint with hunger in a deserted church

A friar meditating in solitude

A friar

A young friar

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