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Captain Heurtaux (see in Wikipedia), commander of squadron no.3, known as “The Storks” (see in Wikipedia)

Illustrated magazines have done great wrong to airmen; their perfect elegance has made women’s hearts flutter, and the other services, jealous for their own reputation, have felt rancour invade their souls. But the swaggering airmen of bars and boudoirs no longer count. The others, and they are legion, have deserved all the plaudits. I do not know whether in any other corps concern for the task has been more keenly felt. These young men, at the front, did not speak of their service as sport, but as a sacred mission. They should have been seen, not on a glorious dazzling summer’s day climbing towards the sun, but on days of attack under the more typical rain of an offensive, in squalls which shook their craft like wisps of straw. Who can recount the dangers run by taking an aerial photograph, the assistance which the planes gave to the infantry? Who will tell of the heroism of the fighter squadrons? It is correct that these young men who fought in the serene skies represented to the eyes of the crowd elegant courage and faith in duty. It is right that Guynemer (see in Wikipedia) should be a symbol. And it is just that we remember the squadron of “The Storks” and that Captain Heurtaux should have his place there.