10 of his best pictures

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The Disciples (Peter and John running to the sepulchre on the morning of the Resurrection) 1898.
Oil on canvas 81 x 141 cm
This is the only one of his works widely known and reproduced outside France and Switzerland. The original is in the Musée d'Orsay in Paris
La Pompe à Feu (The Fire Engine) OOC 1879 200 x 310 cms.
Taureau dans les Alpes (Bull in the Alps) OOC 1884, 201 x 271 cms.
La Ferme Suisse (Swiss Farm) OOC 1882 201.5 x 286 cms.
Les Glaneuses (The Gleaners) OOC 1880, 146 x 240.5 cms.
Le Labour dans le Jorat (Ploughing in the Jorat). OOC 1916, 253 x 632 cms. Replaced the original 1915 work that was destroyed in a fire.
Mohamed Osman. Algerian trooper. Pastel portrait from WW1 allies series
The Sacerdotal prayer. OOC 1900-18, 188.5 x 369 cms.
Julia Burnand 1892
Troupeau de boeufs au bord de la mer (Herd of cattle by the sea) 1878 OOC, 40 x 80 cms