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Black American soldier from the WW1 "Allies" series of pastels. 58 x 44.5 cms.
Done between 1917 and 1920, Burnand completed 104 of them. Three are at Moudon and the remainder are in the Legion of Honour Museum in Paris, having been bought for the French nation by Willam Nelson Cromwell. There has been some dispute as to who this soldier is. It is inscribed 'Senegalais', a term used loosely for any black person from the West African colonies, but is believed to be of an American soldier and that the label is incorrect.
Serbian Orthodox chaplain from the WW1 "Allies" series of pastels. 58 x 44.5 cms
Zouave from the WW1 "Allies" series of pastels. 58 x 44.5 cms
Self portrait 1915
Letter from the prisoner of war
Franciscan monk
The Village Carpenter
Jorat Countryman
The Grandmother, or Aunt Louise
The Young Girl
The Prisoner
This picture is an oil painting of an unknown man
Study of Paul Robert, an artist and lifelong friend of Burnand, 1901.
Franz and René Burnand
Julia Burnand 1892
Young man astride a chair
Julia Burnand
Drawing of 2 children 1885
Monk reading
Etching of old peasant woman dozing, 1883
Drawing of old peasant woman seated
Drawing of a woman playing piano
Bernese countryman
Countrywoman 1877 (study for La Fournée dans un village des montagnes)
Self portrait 1872
Portrait of a Valais woman