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Admiral Gleaves USA. (see in Wikipedia)

This picture represents one of the four pastels not included in the 1922 Crété book. The original is in the Museum of the Legion of honour in Paris where it is labeled with this name. A grandchild of Albert Gleaves has told me it does not look a bit like her grandfather. In the artist's papers there is reference to a vice-admiral Huse see in Wikipedia
There is a possibility of mistaken identity, and maybe if there was doubt at the time of publication it could be the reason he was not included in the Crété book. Feedback invited.
Further evidence that it is Huse is the fact that there is a note to Burnand from Gertrude Heaton-Ellis, wife of Rear-admiral Heaton Ellis (pastel 51), giving Huse's address as USS Pittsburgh, Chatham, London. It is dated 17/11/1920 and is with a bunch of paper notes with addresses of subjects that Burnand kept so he could send them a print of their portrait.