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African Rifleman
Martinez, from Prudon, department of Oran (now Algeria)

Calm and gentle, with a melancholy expression, a bit dejected, this horseman has nothing aggressive about him, nor is he a brawler. He is Algerian, reserved in temperament, of Spanish origin, and he does not forget it. He is a fine soldier, nevertheless, and full of spirit, but without letting anything show in his face of the fervour which inspires him. He remained equally calm and kept his self-control under tempests, snowstorms, and shellfire, under all that the heavens and man could cause to rain down upon the unfortunate soldiers, under the burdensome sun of the East, in Albania, Syria and Palestine, wherever he had to fight for the honour of the flag and the salvation of the country. And the memory of so many painful hours, so many times of heroism will remain with him when he returns to his garrison in Algeria, when only the stamping of the hooves of the little arab horses will disturb the great silence.