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Soldier of the Territorial Army
Valezar (2nd Engineers)

One can imagine him in every kind of headgear with which the centuries have successively endowed the troops: he is the eternal soldier-type; one can see him under the bearskin, under the morion, the toque, the helm; one sees him wearing the winged helmet of the ancient Gauls, whose strong features he shares, accentuated by his fabulous moustache. Thus he is the embodiment of the French race in all its most solid and vigorous characteristics, a race born from the land and endlessly drawing new strength from it, this land which has had to be periodically defended against Barbarians. The unity of our country is so fine and its harmony so perfect, that the same native valour lights the eyes of all its sons, whether they come from the plains of Flanders, the broom and gorse of Brittany or the hillsides of Burgundy. France, that miraculously varied country, has found itself at one again: the same blood has beaten in all our hearts, the same enthusiastic shouts have filled all our mouths, the same firm confidence has inspired every will.