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New Caledonian Soldier (Mixed Pacific battalion)
Ernest Ingha (from Maré, Loyalty Isles)

A tremendous figure, a face one might see in a dream, or a nightmare, with a low and stubborn brow, enormous jaw, giant stature. From his whole appearance brute force stands out: primitive man reappears, man of the pristine forests where beasts prowl, monstrous apes, which resemble human beings. However they made a soldier of him, taught him to handle complicated arms. He has submitted to strict discipline and the Pacific battalion did their duty as well as the others. Besides, in spite of his aspect, the man is gentle and peaceful; under his bushy eyebrows his expression is calm, almost timid. He is a magnificent symbol of the influence of the mother country on these distant lands, and of the union between her and her far-flung children.