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Senegalese Rifleman (see in Wikipedia)
Famory (from Flala, canton of Bougoumé, Sudan)

A long profile with clearly delineated features, a fine nose, high forehead, proud face, marked by a kind of nobility. He was born into a warrior aristocracy, for whom warfare is the raison d’être for living, and who had no other goal in life but to see his enemy laid low on the ground. He had been shown an enemy more powerful than all those he had previously had to fight, or whom he could even imagine. It was explained to him that an enemy of France was his enemy too, and that all he had to do was attack with a bayonet rather than the spear he was used to. He went off and fought, obeying blindly the orders given by his officers, and thus he proved worthy of his nation, his traditions, his ancestors, loyal just like him, and like him devoted and warlike.