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Malagasy Rifleman (Sakhalave (see in Wikipedia))
Fanouina (from Bara, Madagascar)

I saw the Malagasy soldiers in the Champagne region, at the foot of the hills. In this nightmare sector: mud and dust, dust and mud, a few puny pine trees breaking up the monotony of the immense chalky plain, they were meticulously clean, with their uniforms brushed, their bodies supple and well-washed. Moral cleanliness also, no troop more disciplined than this one, where the harsh sanctions of the colonial units were less necessary; they were very gentle men, a little shy, but holding firm under shell-fire, but with a sort of fearful astonishment in the depths of their large eyes. They bore their harsh task silently, not at all with oriental fatalism, but with a Christian resignation. Amongst all those far-away sons that the Motherland called up, she found none more obedient and willing.