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Marine Infantry Soldier (Royal Marine Labour Corps)
Thomas Ford (from London)

The ruddy look acquired from all the squalls of the ocean, the clear eyes that look full of water and sky, he has led the erratic existence of a soldier of fortune. Everywhere where the honour of England demanded the Union Jack be displayed, he was sent. He has seen the sun rise on all the countries of the world, and climb "from the horizon of new stars". He has sung the old sea shanties on the India routes, on the lush plains of Mesopotamia, before the baked horizons of the Cape, in Africa, in Asia, in the lost isles of Oceania. He is the tough customer that destiny rolls out across the world, the trooper lost in the anonymity of the regiment, the private "so and so " whom an order sends here today and over there tomorrow, to the furthest point of the universe, but who in spite of all, feels himself the citizen of a noble nation and the humble and faithful pioneer for the greatness of the Empire.