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Canadian Soldier (Mixed race)
C.E. Parker (de Winnipeg)

(He signed himself Charles S. Parker, 564 McMillan Ave., Winnipeg)

Canada gave the British army the most faithful contingent, the most valiant, the most tireless. From the great prairies which stretch as far as the eye can see to the verdant horizon, their blandness brightened by the light patches of the flocks of sheep, from thick woods livened by the furtive life of furry animals, from the lakesides, from the immense plains, from the bounding rivers, from the solitude lost in the Rocky Mountains, came the men, to carry the homage of their loyalty to the home country. The old French blood which flows in the blood of more than one, the old warrior blood is reawakened, mixed with fertile British sap, and the soldier presented taut muscles, ready and willing. Within these blended races, diversities, virtues complement each other and broaden. They are sometimes augmented from foreign elements, from Native American ancestry. And when man feels three mixes of blood in his heartbeat, French, British, Native American, he is able to present to the world the most magnificent example of tenacious courage, timely zeal and flexibility: the most complete type of soldier.