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Indian army soldier (Muslim)
Roshan Dean (from Cambelpoor, Addock
(see in Wikipedia))

From the enormous turban emerges a small point: it is the sign of the believer. The man is therefore a Muslim, and there is actually an air of a dervish, the calm and patient expression, like the imprint of fatalism. We think about a mysterious India, the India of which no one can know all the feelings, all the hopes, all the secrets, the India of enormous forests, of rivers resembling seas, of impenetrable jungle. Warlike tribes, pastoral tribes, village people, country people, people from mountains lost in the sky, submitting to the teachings of the elders, Brahmin (see in Wikipedia) or Marabout (see in Wikipedia), a people thoroughly crisscrossed with groups with a variety of beliefs, a people difficult to fathom, to lead towards a definite goal, inexhaustible reservoir of life force, where England however knew to find loyal soldiers, always ready to shed the purest of their blood.