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Auxiliary from Balouchistan (see in Wikipedia)
Chan Mohamed

He has crowned his fierce-looking head with a green turban, so that everyone can see he is a believer and that he has travelled across the desert to pay the homage of his faith to the tomb of the Prophet. So he is a believer, but not a zealot, less of a theologian than a soldier, and a soldier in a holy war. He comes from the rugged plateaus of Balouchistan, where the great wind of the Himalaya blows. Wild country with endless horizons, broken by walls of rock, a poor country, barren, without greenery or woods, covered with short grass grazed by flocks of sheep, land of shepherds, of nomads endlessly driving their animals before them, anxious about the next raid, a country of magnificent soldiers, merciless, brought up in the school of warfare since childhood. However they did submit their independence to harsh British discipline; these mountain men used to wide open spaces and the sky knew how to lead the required life in this war of stagnation, right to the end, because a promise of fidelity had to be kept, and one could never break an oath made out loud and from the heart in the Holy City, in front of the tomb of the Prophet.