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Captain Evans, US Navy.

He truly has the air of a thoroughbred sailor from a great tradition. This fleet is the youngest in the world and already almost the most powerful.The officers have the same allure, the same smooth face, the same distinction as those of other navies, of those whose ships were already crisscrossing the seas in the time of pirates, triple decked ships, and great naval battles with the thunder of full broadsides of canons. No longer are there sumptuously built ships, ordered by sea-gods, loaded with money and valuables, nor are there neat corvettes, all sails aloft under the bright sun. But delicate machines, perfect mechanisms and it is natural that at this subtle art, the Americans should be wonderful. The old Atlantic is their domain. There the low silhouettes of their battleships, their cruisers, sail. On the grey or blue sky, the heavy guns draw their massive lines and the radio masts their feathery grace. All have watched over the coasts, the merchant ships. Thanks to them, millions and millions of soldiers have come to France. The American navy has merited the world