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Gualco Giuseppe (from Pozzolo Formigaro, Alexandrie province, Piedmont)

It is not possible to be more Italian and in addition look more like a policemen. Great style moreover, under the big angular hat, that for so many years has been the emblem of all the constabularies of Europe. An air of firmness and calm together, a clear rustic expression. He is a northern Italian, of that old mountain race which has made the unity and glory of the Kingdom: steadfast in his role and vowing an undying hatred of the troops of the Empire. He has done his previous thankless service in the towns of the plain: in Padua, in Verona, in Venice. Then he was sent to France when the Italian contingents came. In the camps, on the roads, on station platforms, one saw beside the caps of our gendarmes the big carabiniere hat. It has become one of the familiar wartime silhouettes, sheepdog for the soldiers on leave, orderly and disciplined, he is good natured and sympathetic. He has been a loyal worker for victory, and the praise for him was well deserved, that placed him among the brave.