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Artillery Captain (Belgian)
Captain-commandant De Witte (defender of one of the Antwerp forts)

The Antwerp fortress was one of the most powerful in Europe (see in Wikipedia), it was the bastion of the Belgian army. But what could the marvels of fortification do against the blasts of 420s (see in Wikipedia), against the incessant tide of the enemy? Antwerp taken, after a fine resistance, Germany believed Belgium was on the ground. But it calculated without the Yser, where it was halted, it was not master of the King, of the army, of the people; it was not master of the spirit of the country. Noble chivalrous race for whom honour surpasses all else. That is revealed vibrantly in the face of this steadfast Belgian officer, with powerful coarsely hewn features. In the eyes a direct look, the expression of a soldier and knight. This defender of Antwerp epitomises the defence of right over strength, ceaselessly on the verge of being submerged under the surge of the tempest, always returning from the brink, stronger and indefatigable in the future.