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Infantry Commander (Serbia)
Commandant Thodorovitch

That large hooked nose, the burning look beneath the shaggy eyebrows, ruddy complexion, bronzed, scarred and weather-beaten from all the north wind and mountain squalls, who would not recognise in this magnificent soldier face, a type of the old breed, which chose its kings from amongst the shepherds and always defended their country against the invaders century after century? This officer, who is of the people, shares the same blood as King Peter (see in Wikipedia), and his profile reminds us of the old sovereign, almost legendary, undergoing the horror of the retreat, like the very image of the country itself. Old rock vulture, he has seen the enemy flee more than once; and if he himself had in the end to abandon the soil of his native land to the invader, he has lain in wait patiently, without faltering, until the day of supreme revenge and supreme reward.