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Nastiouchkine (from Anychenky, government of Moguiloff) (?Mogilev see in Wikipedia)

This man here, he is "a man from the ranks", a trooper who marches, sleeps, eats, fights at the time he is told, who follows without knowing why and fights with quiet courage, with simple discipline that is not over-subtle. Armies are made of men like him, who do not think about tomorrow and carry straight on behind the leader. But when the brakes are off, and the guidance gone, there will be neither conscience to restrain them nor critical spirit to help them distinguish between the good and the bad shepherd. Under this low forehead germinates the Bolshevik unrest, in those grey eyes sleeping under heavy eyelids flashes of hate and rancour will pass; the ancient oriental cruelty will fill his heart and will make of a loyal and brave soldier a kind of unreasoning barbarian. He will then be the prey of the dreamers or the criminals and the adventure that has made his country collapse and die, will some day also sweep him away on the ebb of the surge.