Examples of Eugène Burnand paintings and Illustrations from around the world

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Disciples John and Peter

Les Disciples (Pierre et Jean courant au sépulcre le matin de la Résurrection) 1898.
The Disciples (Peter and John running to the sepulchre on the morning of the Resurrection) 1898.
Oil on canvas 81 x 141 cm
This is the only one of his works widely known and reproduced outside France and Switzerland. The original is in the Musée d'Orsay in Paris 

High resolution image available for your own print

Invitation to the feast 1908, 61 x 42 cms. This picture is principally an illustration for the parable of the same name in his book of the Parables. Many of these pictures were reproduced in larger formats and given some colouring for separate publication. They were widely used by religious organisations. This is taken from a particularly fine example in private ownership.

The date of "Suivez-moi" ("Follow me") is unknown to me but very probably about 1915 like the next picture. This image was widely reproduced for religious organisations. This imperfect image was recently (December 2016) kindly sent to me by its owner in the Republic of South Africa.

"Go forth into all the world and preach the gospel to all creatures" 1915
The original was done for the centenary of the "Mission de Bâle" and may still be owned by them.
This image is taken from print made in Zürich.

A copy features in the film "Whistle Down the Wind", on the Sundayschool room piano.


"Le Lac Léman (Premier Printemps)", 1893, 111 x 201 cms OOC
In Hotel Victoria, Glion. Near Montreux on Lake Geneva (Le Lac Léman)


'Portrait of Mme. Eugène Burnand' 1889-92, 30 x 40 cms, OOC
His wife Julia served as a model in several of his religious paintings. Private collection.


L'Invitation au Festin 1899
Invitation to the Feast 1899
Oil on canvas 218 x 470.5 cm
Kunstmuseum Winterthur, Switzerland

Le Samedi-Saint  1907-8
Holy Saturday 1907-8
Oil on canvas;164 x 281 cm
Fine Art Museum, La Chaux-de-Fonds
This image is from a privately owned print
The original was exhibited in the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool in 1910, Berlin and other places.

Mont Blanc

Le Mont Blanc vu de Clergère, 260 x 372 cms. Oil on marouflée canvas, 1900.
Ceiling mural in "Le Train Bleu" Restaurant/buffet, Gare de Lyon, Paris.

La Rentrée des troupeaux. 1895-6 OOC 100 x 186 cm. Vevey, musée Jenisch.

Septembre or L'Automne 1907 OOC 62 x 98 cms
This image is taken from an old postcard

Old Woman. Smithsonian Museum Washington. Appears to be pencil/pastel.

Portrait of Alphonse Daudet. Details unknown.