Works of Eugène Burnand

10 of his best pictures

Portraits in the Moudon Museum (26)

Pastoral and landscapes in the Moudon Museum (47)

Religious, historic and miscellaneous pictures in the Moudon Museum (15)

Around the world (7 Images of works that are in different locations)

The Parables (32 drawings made for his popular book 'The Parables' that was published in French, German and English versions over several decades)

The WW1 military pastels (104 portraits from the 1922 book. 47 different WW1 allied (modern) nationalities of various ranks)

Private collection 1 (16 mixed pictures that belong to a family member)

Private collection 2 (2 pages) (36 mixed pictures that belong to a family member)

Private collection 3 (3 pictures that belong to a family member)

'The Little Flowers of Saint Francis', page 1 (1-10), page 2 (11-20), page 3 (21-30). These 30 pictures are from the 1919 Dent publication (in English) that used them.

Exciting discovery of "lost" 'La Fournée dans un village des montagnes' 1878

This site is trying to accumulate as many images of the artist's work as possible in order to create a comprehensive collection. It is not intended to simply show his best works. Most are in museums or collections all over the world. The number here is slowly increasing. I would be grateful to receive images of works that are legally possible. They are all out of copyright now and their owners may allow photography. There are however several obvious benefits to having their picture(s) better known. (email me)