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Infantry Soldier
Joseph Stibr (from Prague)

Amongst the young armies that have seen the birth of victory, the return of liberty to oppressed nations, to populations too long enslaved, the Czechoslovakian army has a well marked character. The Czechs, a people of an old and refined civilization, grouped around the hundred spires of Prague, have been, in the strange organisation of the Apostolic Monarchy, a tenacious unit of opposition, calm and derisive. And isn't this the sentiment which is portrayed in the expression of this Czechoslovakian soldier, that piercing expression of straightforwardness and mischief in those half closed eyes, that mocking bonhomie, that thick lip under the curled moustache, that well seated head on the shoulders? What do the years to come have in store for this nation and this new army? Which roads will the blue berets, stamped with silver badges, the new flags take? Nobody can predict, but the valour of the Czech people, their adherance to their ideals, are a handsome guarantee for the future.