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Algerian Kabyle (see in Wikipedia) (Berber) Reservist (2nd engineers)
Serraghi Cherif (from Setif)

A handsome face, with drooping features, lengthened by a straggly beard; the man certainly doesn’t look well-fed. He must be an occasional porter, or errand boy, or engaged in one of those idle occupations which proliferate on the quays of large ports. But there is no malice in his expression. As a reservist in the engineers he works without hurry at those heavy tasks which take a long time. His calm is rarely troubled, he gets his job done on time, and that is enough. He is there, and someone younger or more energetic than him could go to France and win glory. Peaceful and fatalistic, he waits without worrying for the fate which Allah has reserved for him, and never a thought of the future, nor of the meaning of things, comes to trouble his easy-going demeanour.