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Legionnaire of the Foreign Border Regiment (French Foreign Legion) (see in Wikipedia)
Sprecher (originally from the canton of Grisons, Switzerland)

The Germans, who so vilified the Foreign Legion, who portrayed it to the world as penal servitude where only terror could retain the unhappy recruits by force — the Germans saw the Legion face to face and then they understood. The Foreign Legion stood out amongst the most elite regiments in France, even though it contained hardly any French soldiers. But the esprit de corps is such a powerful force that it was possible to unite with equal fervour around the tricolour flag brave men from all four corners of the Universe. Old professional soldiers, trained in the hard school of the African colonies, or colonial men, adventurers perhaps, but passionate with the same valour that nothing could subdue. Look at this Swiss man, heir of the rough footsoldiers who in days of old fought for the King of France, or Italian princes, or the Holy Father, today here, later over there, everywhere there were blows to be struck or taken, everywhere one could live life to the full, without worrying about the morrow. An energetic and forceful figure, as if hewn from rock, truly one of those warrior faces which are the least pleasant, if not the least expressive.