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Moroccan Rifleman
Ouled Zigiane (from the Atlas Mountains)

He is a lion: he has the stocky appearance, the head held high, the fierce look, that look which seems to peer far into the distance, beyond the foreground, staring at some unknown far away enemy. He has the lion’s brute force, quick and terrible anger, and he also has its courage, which makes him so formidable to his adversaries. Before giving us his complete support he used to fight against our columns, spying on our soldiers, on the look out behind a rock, waiting in the icy cold wind of the Atlas for the convoy that he must attack. Today with the same spirit that he spent on making war on us, he now serves our cause. From committed adversary he has turned into a loyal ally. So he came down from his mountains and joined in with our army, fighting alongside our soldiers.
Woe betide the enemy on whom his fury falls! All the old warlike passion rises to his face and he will give no quarter. He is an enemy to be feared, but the most reliable friend there could be.