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Moroccan Rifleman
Mohamed Ben Bidouan (from Casablanca)

The renowned “D.M.”, the Moroccan Division, has won lanyards of different colours on all the battlefields: it was the first to bathe its colours in the sacred waters of the Rhine. Its soldiers, who came so recently under our command, have proved that they yielded to none in heroism and fidelity. Under their helmet they showed impetuous valour, under their traditional fez they remained splendid. They came from all quarters of Morocco, from the ports on the coast, from enchanting Rabat, from Marrakech under the palm trees, from the plateaus, from the mountains, from the grim ramparts of Fez. They all brought the same eagerness to fight, the same warlike vigour animated their hearts and fired their muscles. They were on the Marne, in front of Mondement in flames; at Saint-Gout when all seemed lost they won the battle; they were at Verdun, on the Somme, at the Chemin des Dames (see in Wikipedia); they halted the enemy at Chateau-Thierry, then forcibly chased them out of our country. They gave France the utmost service, they remain Moroccans, but they are also Frenchmen.