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Tonkinese Rifleman (see in Wikipedia)
Lai Van Chau (from Saigon)

A curious face, an unusual vision of the exotic glimpsed in these taut features, in this sallow skin, in these almond shaped eyes. Here is all of the faraway Orient standing at our side, the deep forest, full of animals, the swamps which carry fever, the smell of decay, both the fiery sun and the warm rain, still more depressing. What must the men who live in this scenery, under this sky, be thinking? For sure we have seen them, we recognise them, they have come into our towns and the war has re-clad them in our military uniforms, but who can penetrate the secret of their inscrutable expression, which only the quick flash of their secretive narrow eyes lights up? What can the subtleties of our psychology and culture make of the mystery of ancient Asia which has suddenly arrived in full before us?