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Tonkinese Rifleman (see in Wikipedia)
Le Tiep (from Phu Luong, province of Thua Thien) (Vietnam)

He looks like an old woman, with his foxy-faced expression, wrinkled skin and the bonnet strings holding his hat on. But at the same time one senses a noble sensitivity about him. His limbs are supple, his fingers nimble; he excells at a thousand patient tasks, he knows how to carve ivory and sculpt precious wood, which he makes into tiny figurines, fine objects fashioned with delicate and complex skill. But he is also a warrior, from a family of warriors. The Black Flags had descendants who were worthy of them and who fought for France with the valour with which their fathers had formerly struggled against her. From faraway Tonkin, which cost us so much trouble, but whose flowering makes us proud, the contingents have brought to us the most brilliant demonstration of their loyalty, with their blood.