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Rear-admiral Grassi, naval attaché to the Royal Italian Embassy in Paris

How expressive is this face, full of life and movement, a changing face, energetic and relaxed in turn, responding to successive feelings, face of a soldier, also of a diplomat, face refined by italian culture, the gentlest there is; but on the other hand, the tanned face of a sailor, mouth closed, hidden under a bushy moustache. The young Italian navy has passed the tests of war magnificently, it mounted guard on the ‘mare amarum’, facing the shores from where it could press its cause, the most vigilant guard. In front of Pola, in front of Cattaro its ships have cruised, keeping watch for perfidious submarines, looking out to the horizon in case the imperial fleet should appear. Against every violation they protected the low banks of the lagoons, Venice unharmed and Ravenna and Bari. Beautiful cruisers which were sunk for the honour of the Kingdom, valiant crews sacrificed themselves. And now the flag, embossed with the cross of Savoy floats victoriously on the Adriatic, from one shore to the other which victory has united.