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Infantry Sergeant
Adriani Carmine (from Pianella, province of Teramo, Italy)

Here is a good trooper, jolly and carefree. He has the plump features of the man who eats as well as he can, but also the glowing and fiery dark look of the soldier who knows how to fight. He wears the battered kepi and the small cape which give the whole Italian army the young and relaxed look. He has left his province, his village snuggled in the lower slopes of the Apennines where Umbria drops towards the shining Adriatic. He has been sent to lead the life of a soldier against the "Tedesci", in the trenches of Asiago, facing the chaotic skyline of Corso. Perhaps he entered Gorizia; perhaps on the dark days, he held out beside the yellow waters of the Piave (see in Wikipedia), until came the day of the great revenge, the rising dawn over reconquered lands. Perhaps he was in France in the dark Argonne woods, on the clear mountain of Reims, at the time of the final enemy onslaught? What does it matter today, all the anguish, all the hardships, all the sacrifices, since the final Victory has come to hang crowns and laurels over the flags of Italy.