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Legionnaire of the Foreign Border Regiment (French Foreign Legion) (see in Wikipedia)
Dancet, from Pully, canton of Vaud (Switzerland)

This one is also a legionnaire, but of a different kind. He is a young man who has arrived there to fight for the cause, not being able to fight on his home soil, he couldn’t bear the battle to go on without him. So he brought amongst the old soldiers his breezy enthusiasm, the ardour of his faith, his bright eyes. Perhaps at the time of combat he saw again his homeland, the glory of the sun shining on the hillside vineyards, the tranquil villages, the lake like a mirror, the pure summit of the mountains. Perhaps he sees it all again, and if he misses this beautiful peaceful scene he will be supported by the feeling of having done his duty, accepted sacrifice in advance, and the love of France, to whom along with thousands of his compatriots fallen for her, he has come to give his life.