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Legionnaire of the Foreign Border Regiment (French Foreign Legion) (see in Wikipedia)
Basmadjian Mihram (Armenian)

They are so numerous, men from every part under the flag of the Legion, decorated with medals, studded with stars, throttled with lanyards! Here is an Armenian, with his smooth but fleshy countenance of an Oriental, full lips, low forehead: handsome face of an adventurer, born of a mixed-blood race. A sad race too, bowed under the weight of the most bloody tyranny, but where sometimes the fine flower of heroism can flourish. A soldier who no longer has a homeland but his flag, into which he puts all his idealism, his desire to act, to live a wider and more passionate life, far from the lazy fatalism of the East, far from the yoke, far from the cowardly death of a massacre, a soldier who looks another kind of death in the face, one which holds glory by the hand.