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New Zealand Sergeant (Otago Regiment N.Z.E.F.)
George Andrew McChesney (from Invercargill, New Zealand)
56 Maitland St, Invercargill. 1.12.1889 - 16.7.1957. He was later promoted to Company Sergeant Major. He died in Perth, Western Australia. He had a son George Ross in 1912. Information provided by a step granddaughter 2020.

It is not only to the London festivals, coronations, jubilees and royal funerals, that the far off colonies and Dominions sent to the capital their magnificent eager and loyal delegations. When the grave hour called, when the safety of the Empire could founder, some contingents were raised, some battalions, some divisions and some armies. The soldiers of New Zealand were counted among the most heroic. Labourers, farmers, forest workers, used to a free existence, in the wild mountains, in the endless grassland, they knew that life is hard to gain and hard to keep. See this NCO, with his wide face, under his big hat. He lived for months on end with his flocks at the foot of hills, next to the ocean. It seems that he has taken on the flat and sheeplike face of his animals, but also the limpid eyes, full of the eternal and peace of nature. In his look there is no guile or gloomy shadow, but the simple feeling of duty, which has taken him so far away, for miles and miles to the place of mud and blood where the honour of old England is immortalised.